Western Men and Modesty

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ternyata pria di barat jg lebih senang perempuan yg pakaiannya sopan drpd yg kebuka2… mereka yang bukan muslim dan hidup di alam “keterbukaan” aja mengakui betapa berharganya perempuan yang berpakaian sopan…

well, important messagesnya buat kita kaum muslim adalah… menutup aurat itu fitrah manusia dan perintah Allah swt utk menutup aurat itu adalah yg terbaik utk melindungi manusia itu sendiri… 🙂

here are some interesting copy paste from the link above:


I think that modesty really shows how girls/women are suppose to dress and act. For the benefit of her worth and the benefit of the boys/men not to look at the girls/women in anyway that would take that worth away. It’s very important to live godly among everyone and especially Jesus. I am sure Jesus would not want his bride walking around half dressed. Modesty also show that she is only wanting to show one man, her husband and to me that’s the best thing any man can ask for. Modesty is very important to any christian and non christian, and should be practiced all the time. So ladies keep dressing up and never ever dress down. -Wyatt

 [Modesty] leads me to more easily protect myself from unintentionally lusting after the woman in question, which I value highly and appreciate. Additionally, it automatically leads me to respect her more in the sense that I assume she is a woman of substance rather than trying to gain edges in life from her looks. In Miami it’s also a breathe of fresh air as most girls try to reveal as much as they can get away with, so she would immediately draw positive attention from me as a byproduct of choosing modest attire. -Victor

Modesty has lost it’s translation in our generation. It’s not about covering up nor is it about “flaunt it if you got it.” It’s about respecting yourself. 1Corinthians 19-20 says: “Or do you not know that your bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought at a great price. Glorify and carry God in your body.” Modesty is sexy! Our bodies isn’t for everyone’s eyes to see, because our bodies are sacred temples. Women, and men alike must embrace ourselves and dress accordingly. -Michael 

A woman I’m attracted to dressed modestly intrigues me much more. I can see she believes she has more to offer than looks and I want to know what that is! I can engage her without a constant battle inside of me not to lust. I can see she doesn’t feel the need to prove anything and suspect she respects me enough to not encourage that battle. Modestly in a Jesus loving woman cannot be over emphasized. -Doug 

As a single guy, I am constantly evaluating the young women around me, whether at church, school, or work. I constantly make inferences about them based on what they say and do, but most of all, I make these inferences based on how they say and do these things. At the heart of it, I am always trying to surmise what is most important to that young woman… what does she place the highest value upon?A lack of modesty tells me that she values attention very highly, that she has a deep-seated need that is going unmet. And modesty does not just refer to clothing… it is descriptive of behavior as well. I am looking for a woman who is fully secure and content in Jesus Christ, and has no need for me to fulfill her, because I know I cannot; modesty shows this to be true of her. -Andrew

Modesty is an incredibly rare (but still important) value – especially for a christian. It has become very rare that a girl would value God’s thoughts of her above boys’ thoughts of her. Obviously it’d be ignorant to say that guys haven’t played a part in this. It’s obvious if you go outside that a girl who is dressed scantily will get more looks from guys than a girl dressed modestly would. Modesty, however, for a man who is seeking after God, is one of the most attractive values in a girl. It shows that she treats herself as a child of God, not as a person to be observed by men. -Andrew 

I think it is clear from the above Scriptures that women should validate the gospel with modesty. Not for the sake of keeping some rule of conduct, but in response to the gospel, women should seek to glorify their Father in Heaven, by modestly mirroring and reflecting the beauty of a sanctified princess, to serve their fellow brothers in the faith. -Ian 

I think that modesty is one of the most important ways that women can respect both themselves, brother’s AND other sister’s in Christ, and other men and women in culture.  Modesty helps men to see you for who you are and not just your outward appearance.  Every man struggles with lust and women can either help or hinder them by how they dress.  Modesty is most importantly biblical as read about in 1 Timothy 2:9-10!  Modesty also does not just include the clothes you wear but the way you carry yourself.  Just because God gave you a beautiful body doesn’t mean you can show it to everyone.  Your body (just as with your virginity) should be saved and shown only to your husband. -Craig

As a college-age guy, I would totally rather pursue/date a girl who dressed modestly. I find that so attractive. I don’t know why, but there’s so much more to a modestly dressed girl than one who reveals too much skin. Modesty reveals so many things about a woman. It reveals her courage, her true beauty and her confidence; things that real, Godly men want, things that will make men respect her. -Jonathan 

When I think about modesty, I think about the future. As much as I already love my future wife, whoever she is, I can’t stand the thought of other men looking lustfully at her. How, then, can I justify myself looking lustfully at other women? Women, your body is a gift, a gift God did indeed intend to be unwrapped by ONE MAN. Your future husband. Modesty is love for your future. Love God. Love yourself. Love your husband. If men’s compliments make you feel good, imagine how much BETTER compliments will be coming from a man who loves you and has patiently waited for you for years. If you can’t win without showing skin, the man is in sin, try again! -Ryan 

Modesty is an attribute of the virtuous woman. And every man wants a virtuous woman. when a woman considers modesty in relation to her appearance, she doesn’t just command attention and a few stares. She commands respect and admiration. The way a woman dresses shows her values and her standards, it shows how much she values herself…modesty depicts worth. -Ezekiel 

I feel like in order for women to respect themselves and their bodies, they have to live a modest lifestyle. They have to love being modest because any man in his right mind should know what’s appropriate for women to wear, how they carry themselves, what they say and what isn’t. I personally prefer to associate myself with women who know what it means to be decent, especially out in public. -Rashaun 

Every person has hormones and every guy notices when girls wears those short clothing items.  I like to keep my eyes clean and off of impure things but when girls wear those immodest clothes it is really hard to do so.  Does girls really want us guys to stare at there legs and butt?  If you are wearing tight fitting clothes or short clothing and a you catch a guy staring at you don’t get mad at him because you chose to wear your clothing.  Be modest and help us guys grow more closer to God. -Chris


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