Month: March 2015

a little about poems

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when you read a poem, you read about yourself. your reading and other’s reading on the same one might be different. it depends on your own feelings, knowledge, experiences.

you might read this poem and think of your past lover, while i read it and think of an old abandoned house in my hometown.

therefore, all you can judge precisely from any poem, is yourself.


Yaa Nabi, salam alaika…

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tak terbayang sakitnya
engkau dilempari batu
oleh umat yang engkau sayangi,
yang engkau tidak ingin
mereka tersesat dari jalan-Nya

tak terbayang letihnya
engkau menyeru kepada orang
yang mencaci-maki dirimu,
memandang penuh dendam,
membenci hanya karena
engkau mengatakan
Tiada Tuhan selain Allah…

tak terbayang perihnya
engkau dipukuli
hingga kedua tumitmu berdarah,
bahkan oleh pamanmu sendiri
yang ingin menginjak-injak lehermu
hanya karena
engkau bersujud kepada Allah

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Western Men and Modesty

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barusan dapat link menarik dari pinterest:

ternyata pria di barat jg lebih senang perempuan yg pakaiannya sopan drpd yg kebuka2… mereka yang bukan muslim dan hidup di alam “keterbukaan” aja mengakui betapa berharganya perempuan yang berpakaian sopan…

well, important messagesnya buat kita kaum muslim adalah… menutup aurat itu fitrah manusia dan perintah Allah swt utk menutup aurat itu adalah yg terbaik utk melindungi manusia itu sendiri… 🙂

here are some interesting copy paste from the link above:


I think that modesty really shows how girls/women are suppose to dress and act. For the benefit of her worth and the benefit of the boys/men not to look at the girls/women in anyway that would take that worth away. It’s very important to live godly among everyone and especially Jesus. I am sure Jesus would not want his bride walking around half dressed. Modesty also show that she is only wanting to show one man, her husband and to me that’s the best thing any man can ask for. Modesty is very important to any christian and non christian, and should be practiced all the time. So ladies keep dressing up and never ever dress down. -Wyatt

 [Modesty] leads me to more easily protect myself from unintentionally lusting after the woman in question, which I value highly and appreciate. Additionally, it automatically leads me to respect her more in the sense that I assume she is a woman of substance rather than trying to gain edges in life from her looks. In Miami it’s also a breathe of fresh air as most girls try to reveal as much as they can get away with, so she would immediately draw positive attention from me as a byproduct of choosing modest attire. -Victor

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