My Mama told me to go there…

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My mother is one of the strongest persons i’ve known in my life. Her strong personality made her a straightforward, outspoken, and brave woman. At least that’s the way i feel about her while living under her protection for 17 years, before i finnaly made my way to another town and had to deal with college and ‘real life’. 🙂

Being with her all that long doesn’t mean that there were no problems at all. We argued a lot, and most ended with i agree. 🙂 One of the most hot arguing topics between us both is where will i go after i finished my school. First fight, as an elementary students i choose to go to a junior high school where all my friends were there. She told me to go to the more well-known school, and i finally agree. Second fight, as a junior students i intended to leave all my hedonists junior friends and choose another senior high school, the one with more modest and humble students. My mama finally agree and i can be there for 3 years. As a senior high school students, i choose to go to college near my hometown and be with my bestfriends there. However, my mama told me to go to a further place instead of that near one. I finally go there with a deep question why would she let a shy and introvert 17 year old girl go that far without anyone she knows. However, i feel somehow excited and quite ‘free’ to maintain my life. In this new city i take few tests in some colleges and i was accepted in one of the private college together with my two friends. However my mama told me to go to the state college which i were also accepted. I finally agree to go to the college my mama told me to.

Four years in college, i felt very independent. I thought i can deal with my problems and overcome them. I somehow felt that this kind of life is right for me. I had no problems being away from my family. Years later, i knew i was wrong. 🙂

When i was graduated, i choose to go back to my hometown to go through some employment tests. But my mother told me to go back to my college city and take an employment test in one of the state university there. I was accepted to work and being a lecturer until now.

After 13 years being away from her, i realized that i need her more than anyone in this world. Her strong personality and her valuable directions have made me the way i am now. I miss her more and more each day, and expect to be able to live closer to her in her old ages and her weak times.

One thing i deeply realized… Your mama is always right, even when she’s wrong. She’s right because she loves you in countless ways she can. She’s right because she has been through what you haven’t been through. She’s right because she think of your goodness when you only think about your eagerness. She’s right because she sees you 10 years from now, and you only see yourself today.

That’s why i choose to follow, when my mama told me to go to wherever she wants. There are blessings from God in pleasing my mama’s heart. There are blessings from God in the willingness to listen and to obey my mama’s orders.. 🙂

22 December 2011


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