Random thoughts about being an educator…

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I never consider that being a lecturer in architectural education is a form of carrier or job or work. for me… it’s more like a dedication, a profession… to profess, to dedicate, is always more than merely ‘to work’… to whom i dedicate this profession? i will tell you at the last part of this writing 🙂

I love teaching… moreover, i love educating… meeting some new fresh minds are always exciting for me… sharing thoughts, listening opinions, knowing experiences… watching some students are being enlightened by new perspectives, new thoughts, new way of thinking… watching them act based on what is rightful and what is good… all are priceless moments in my life…

In contrast, meeting some freezing minds are irritating me a lot 🙂 it’s their ignorance that i hate the most, unwillingness to do the best they can… to open their mind, to expand their knowledge… do nothing but stuck in what they are now… i don’t mind having stupid students, but i can’t help caring for ignorant students… who think that they have known everything, so that they won’t search no more… Some of them are often misunderstood and think that i don’t like them… in fact, it’s the ignorance in them that i hate, it’s not them as personals… i never give too much energy to hate such people… it’s just useless 🙂

However, i realized now that i’m not being a lecturer, a teacher, an educator, or whatsoever it is called, to seek for students’ likes and dislikes… i don’t care if they hate me a lot, it’s their problem afterall… i don’t mind being hate today, but being understood tomorrow… i just hope that “finally-i-understand” moment doesn’t come too late in their lives 🙂

It is to Allah that i responsible the most… seeking His mercy and forgiveness is the deepest intention is each action and reaction in me being an educator… realizing that this knowledge that i share is nothing but from Him, and He is the All-Know… i am nothing without Him…



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